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Est. 2016

Our Story

The story of GX Outlet sprouted in the fall of 2015 when Aaron Black, the company’s current CEO, hangs out with his friends at a bar and tells that one of them had been shopping for days and couldn’t find the products of his dreams.

While Aaron was asking his friend what kind of products she was looking for and which stores he was looking at, his friend showed him an ad on Facebook; “I would like to buy this product, but the seller is not in the USA, so I am trying to find a similar one.” says.

It was at that moment that something began to clear in Aaron’s mind.

In the following months, Aaron started to form a network by reaching out to manufacturers making designs from different styles in Europe and Asia.

GX Outlet started its first sales in June 2016 with a small summer collection of products imported from Europe.

After a mediocre sales season, Aaron traveled to countries where marginal designs and the textile industry were the fastest for more products. It started the 2017 winter season with a very large product volume, choosing products that can create its own trend by making agreements with the manufacturers in these countries. And the first creation that fully reflects the GX Outlet was successfully sold in the 2017 Winter season.

Our Future

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All our work continues to become a world brand in 2021.



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